30th Anniversary Show

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 to Sunday, November 25, 2012


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery. We think this is a pretty good milestone, fancy still being here!
As a co-operative the Gallery has had many lives during this time. It is rather like grandad's axe, two new handles and four new axeheads, but it is still grandad's axe. The members have come and gone, and the work has also gone through many changes, according to the fashions in ceramics, but the Gallery keeps on.
A number of the past members, and their works, are joining us for this anniverary exhibition. Many well-known names in the ceramics field have been members of Clayworkers over the years. Please come along down memory lane with us.
The Clayworkers 30th Anniversary Exhibition
October 31st to November 25th.
10:30am - 5pm, Weds-Sun
Ex-members of the cooperative at the exhibition opening, from left to right:
Marion Howell, Trisha Dean, Helen Stephens, Patsy Hely and Vicki Grima
Here is a taster of the excitingly eclectic range of work this exhibition has to offer;
Jane Crick "Fractured Flutes 1 and 2"                                                                   Kristyn Taylor
Gail Nichols                                                         Vicki Grima
Jo Wood                                                   Serena Horton