The Sydney Teapot Show 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 to Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Sydney Teapot Show 2012 Winner
Keith Yeo
WALKER CERAMICS "Best of All": The best overall teapot

Winner 2012 Keith Yeo



       Marion Mewburn                                                          Mandy Wolpert                                                             Denise McDonald

              Winner: Green Tea category                               Winner: Koala Tea category                            Winner: High Tea category (functional)

            Sponsor: Inner City Clayworkers                                                  Sponsor: Koala Tea Company                                                 Sponsor: Journal of Australian Ceramics

 Marion Mewburn Green Tea         Mandy Wolpert Koala Tea        Denise McDonald High Tea



Heather Fisher                                                                    Serena Horton                                                               Keith Yeo

             Winner: What the Dickens! category                         Winner: The Silk Road category                  Winner: Wattle They Think Next category

              Sponsor: Gleebooks                                                                     Sponsor: Keanes Ceramics                                                      Sponsor: Blackwatter Pottery

           Heather Fisher What the Dickins         Serena Horton The Silk Road         Keith Yeo Wattle They Think Of Next




     Elle & Howard Fikke, Koala Tea Co, Lismore.                                            Keith Yeo receiving his award for Best of All Teapot

Holding the winning teapot in the Koala Tea category

      on their recent visit to the gallery.


Heather Fisher and Ray Stevenson presenting flowers to Karen Weiss. Thanks for opening our Teapot Show Karen.